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Creation Care: Film Resources

This is a sampling of the many digital resources available.  
Click the LINK for reviews, availability of rental/download option and other related films. 
CONTACT US with film resources you deem worthy of sharing.
Putting the Freeze on Global Warming  (Bill Moyers & Company, April 25, 2014;  24 min) 
The Economics of Happiness -- a better world is within our reach (2011; 65 min)
Renewal -- stories from America's religious environmental movement (2008; 28 min)
Kilowatt Ours -- retraces electricty from light switch back to its sources; urges energy conservation (2008; three versions: 56, 24 and 12 min)
Carbon Nation -- climate change (2011; 84 min) 
The Last Mountain -- a fight for our future (2011; 95 min)
A Sea Change -- what is happening to the sea? (2009; 76 min)
Queen of the Sun -- what are the bees telling us? (2010; 83 min)
The Cove -- the tragic story of how tuna gets into the can (2009; 92 min)
The Lorax -- a timeless tale of entitlement (2003 and 2012; 52 min) 
A Sense of Wonder -- Rachel Carson's love for the natural world and her fight to defend it (2009; 55 min)
Dirt The Movie!-- examines the wonders of the soil (2009; 86 min)
Farmageddon -- the unseen war on American family farms (2011; 90 min)
Food, Inc. --  an unflattering look inside America's corporately controlled food industry (2008; 94 min) 
One Man, One Cow, One Planet -- permaculture and biodynamics  (2007; 56 min)
Forks Over Knives -- change your health, your outlook, your world - bite by bite (2011; 90 min) 
Planeat -- nothing changes the planet as much as the way we eat (2011; 72 min)
Nourish -- be a part of the food revolution (2011; 27 min)
Under Cover Farmers -- (YouTube-- commercial farmers embrace no-till and cover crop methods (2012; 28 min)
The Garden -- one community comes together to save their garden (2008; 80 min)