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Stories: What Other Conferences Are Doing

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Examples in Other Conferences

The Nashville District Creation Care Ministry believes there are already successful steps being taken throughout the country. Note the variety of local efforts which can be replicated in any number of communities.
The Holston Conference  connects, empowers and resources over 900 churches in the Tennessee, Georgia and Virginia areas. Note what the Holston Conference is doing with local foods, holding localized Creation Care workshops throughout the area and their development of Caretakers of God's Creation, a membership-based non-profit accepting donations which provides local resources and eco-justice action issues across the country and world.
The Mississippi Conference has a Facebook page for its Creation Care Ministry Team. 
The Memphis Conference posted a video on YouTube on Caring for Creation: Transportation. It is less than two minutes and features a lay person.
The First United Methodist Church Downers Grove of IL held "Reducing Our Environmental Footprint on the Planet" and included .pdfs online from the presentations held throughout the conference.
Rev. Pat Watkins was a featured speaker at The Virginia Conference General Conference.
The Indiana Conference Creation Care Team challenges others to strive for the 3 R's: reduce what you buy and the energy you use, reuse what you have and recycle paper, plastics, glass and metal. Its Creation Care Team challenged its 1200 congregations to set two, specific goals in 2011: Reduce energy usage by 10% in churches and homes and establish green teams in the congregations. One tool it created to help each achieve the goals is Save 10 - Give 10.
The Pacific Northwest Conference produces Creation-Care, 365, a bi-weekly e-newsletters to "individuals and entire congregations - with reflective and practical tools for cultivating an awareness of, and care for, God's broader creation in their daily lives." Click to view archived newsletters or to sign up for the free resource.
The Memphis Conference produced the overnight Caring for Creation Conference. They partnered with other organizations to lead topical group discussions.
Despite the need to cancel its event, the Show-Me Creation Care Ministry Team posted an apology and resources online.
The Kansas West Conference has established Creation Care Churches. It outlines expectations, services and actions for each church and incorporated an application. The purpose is for the involved churches to have long-term impact on safeguarding the environment for all life for the present and generations to come.
The Kansas West Conference also holds awards and environmental advocacy efforts.
With its dedicated webpage outlining its mission statement, partnerships, Creation Care Dinners and more, the Centenary United Methodist Church of North Carolina offers a one-stop shop online.
Globally, the Bishop's letter pledges to protect God's Creation on UMC also posted its United Methodist Church Leadership Summit inviting global sharing via webcast, and locally the church venue posted event registration and afterwards, the Tennessee Conference covered the Nashville District Creation Care Leadership Summit held in-person with an article online.