South End United Methodist Church
Monday, November 18, 2019
5042 Edmondson Pike Nashville 37211
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Frequently Asked Questions

Is your worship service "contemporary" or "traditional"?

Our service can be described as a traditional liturgy with the flexibility to provide an authentic experience of worship for people of all ages.
The music (instrumental and sung) represents a variety of musical styles.   You will find youth and adult lay liturgists at each service, leading in prayer and the reading of scripture.  Children, youth and adults are trained to serve as acolytes.
Just prior to the sermon, the pastor gathers the children up front for a short children's meditation, after which the younger ones may leave the sanctuary with supervising adults.  The service includes a time for the public sharing of joys and concerns, followed by the pastoral prayer.  Prayer candles in the sanctuary are available to be lit by anyone before or during the service.
We celebrate Holy Communion on the first Sunday of the month, which is open to people of all ages and Christian traditions who are seeking the love of God through Jesus Christ.
 On some "fifth Sundays" throughout the year, we participate in a time of hymn singing and witness in place of the sermon.

Do you provide child care on Sunday morning?

We provide child care for infants and young children during the worship service and during the Sunday School hour.  Children's Sunday School classes begin as young as the preschool age.
During the worship service, we encourage children to be present with their families -- at least through the time of the children's meditation.  Following that part of the service, the younger ones are welcome to leave the sanctuary with supervising adults.

Do you help people who are in need of financial assistance?

We designate money, The Good Neighbor Fund, specifically for the aid of people who come to us for assistance with rent, utilities, food, gas and similar essentials.
To contact us about assistance:  call the church office during office hours, Monday - Thursday 9am-2pm, to speak with the pastor.
To contribute to these funds:  contribute by check any time, but know that our communion offering on the first Sunday of the month, goes to this fund, unless otherwise announced.  Be sure to mark your checks --- "for Good Neighbor Fund".

Do you practice infant baptism? 

The tradition of the United Methodist Church is to encourage the baptism of infants and young children so that they may be fully incorporated in the life of the gathered community of faith, the Body of Christ.
As United Methodists, we recognize that baptism is an outward sign of an inward grace, a gift of God through the Holy Spirit.  Baptism is God's action.  It is ours to respond to.  Therefore we believe that baptism occurs only once in a person's life and is the beginning of a life shaped by Christ's redemptive love.  Thus we honor the baptism of all Christian traditions.
Following the baptism of infants, children or adults, the church community by the power of the Holy Spirit provides the nurture that makes possible a comprehensive and life-long process of growing in grace.
Please contact the pastor to begin the process of preparation to have your child baptized.


How do I become a member? 

Membership involves a faithful response to the call to share in the ministry of Christ's universal church through baptism and profession of faith. 
If an adult or youth has not been previously baptized nor given an opportunity to profess their faith openly (as in process of confirmation), then this person will at this time be baptized, or become a professing member by publicly stating  their  repentance of sin, belief in God, and confession of Jesus to be their Lord and Savior.   
Secondly, this youth or adult makes a public commitment to uphold the ministries of the United Methodist Church by their prayers, presence, gifts, service and witness.
People who have been baptized and professing members of another Christian denomination or another United Methodist Church , may become members by letter of transfer.
Please contact the pastor for more information and to begin the process of preparation for either baptism and/or membership.

 What do Methodists mean by an "open Communion" table?

In our tradition, the sacrament of Holy Communion is offered to all people who are actively seeking the love of God through Jesus Christ.  There is no requirement of baptism or membership in the church to partake of communion in our services, for John Wesley observed this sacrament to one of the vehicles (means) by which God's grace enters the lives of people --- be that prevenient, justifying or sanctifying grace.
For a further explanation of a "grace" from a Methodist perspective, see What We Believe.