South End United Methodist Church
Thursday, November 15, 2018
5042 Edmondson Pike Nashville 37211

Adult Sunday School

Come Join Us!

John Wesley Fellowship Class  (mature adults):


This class is an active group whose desire is to continue to learn, to promote the ministries of the church, and to support the many outreach programs of the church.  They also provide spritual and supportive care for each other and many others in the congregation.

The lessons are taught by a team of teachers.   Rev. Ernest Blair, Ethel Blair, Marie Joslin and Betty Southall share the teaching responsibilities every month, and this variety is very meaningful to the class members! 

They meet in the classroom near the Sanctuary. 


Searchers Class (mid adults):


This group is structured so that they rotate teaching responsibilities among the members.  They enjoy learning through discussion, welcoming diverse opinions and allowing for agreement to disagree.  They strive to understand the truth of the gospel and how it applies to everyday life.  They are very much involved in the larger life of the congregation and in its outreach ministries.

They meet in the Fellowship Hall.


Leaven Class  (young to mid adults):


This class includes both seekers and those who are mature in their faith.  Led by Jenny Dodd, this group concentrates their efforts on Bible study and practical theological issues (prayer, forgiveness, faith claims, etc.)  The class sessions are marked by discussion and prayer. 

They meet upstairs in the Pastor's Study.