South End United Methodist Church
Monday, November 18, 2019
5042 Edmondson Pike Nashville 37211

Children's Sunday School

Our Goals for Children's Sunday School


[To teach the Bible stories and themes in age appropriate ways and to build relationships and foster faith in God and Jesus Christ through the practice of prayer, sharing stories of faith, play, discussion, and by learning to care for the needs of others.]



Three's, Four's, Kindergarten and 1st Grade Class:

These children enjoy learning Bible stories and are aided by music, selected video presentations, stories and art activities.
Teacher -- Brenda Nance and assisted by Robert Dodd
Classroom -- Preschool Room off of the Fellowship Hall

Second through fourth Grades:

These children are presented with Bibles and learn how to use them.  Through Bible reading, music, selected video presentations, stories of faith and art activities they deepen their understanding of Bible stories.
Teachers -- Lee Tomlin
Classroom -- Second floor of the Fellowship Hall